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The balance of remote, hybrid and in-person work is hard.

Economic pressures are mounting

After a global pandemic and "The Great Resignation", times are tight. It's tempting to pass on these pressures to the team by cutting back.

Workers want greater autonomy

At the same time, individual workers are seeking greater flexibility and balance in their lives. They need connection, authenticity, and meaning.

Small moments produce small results

It's now clear that small investment in team health and connection leads to little value. To unlock human-centered change that lasts, we need more.

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Beyond Teambuilding activates your diverse team

A rhythm of connecting

Regular sessions help your team begin to understand easy other better, and discover valuable frameworks for collaboration.

A space for real work

Your team will get the space to bring applied, real-world challenges you're facing in your organization, to solve problems together.

A tool that goes with you

With the Crewjoy platform, your team will gain increased understanding of each other's needs, strengths, stress behaviours and communication styles.

Transforming teams like yours

Our Beyond Teambuilding journey is purpose-built to meet the unique needs, opportunities, and challenges of your team.

Remote teams

Hybrid teams


Service companies

Knowledge workers

Growing teams

Team leaders

Project Teams

Working groups

Working groups

The path we were led down to effectively lay the groundwork for our team building, and then layer by layer add to it, caused this to be the most effective team building experience we've ever taken part in!

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