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I’m Mark. One of the founders of Crewjoy.

We're looking for a special breed of investor: groups and individuals who are driven by impact and are specifically interested in creating a better future of work using AI. We want investors who can bring their expertise and networks to this challenge, who will ask us the hard questions throughout the journey, but who will also never push to compromise what makes us Crewjoy.

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The Global Operating System of Human-Centric Data

1. Imagine that you could build a dataset of your work styles, communication preferences, preferred channels, optimal engagement times and patterns, and much more.

2. Now imagine that every email you send or receive, every meeting you lead or attend, every collaboration and workflow tool your workplace uses.... all had access to this data. Every process is suddenly built for you.

3. The impact is radical. Team engagement skyrockets, retention improves, productivity becomes unprecedented. Team cultures flourish in tandem with business ROI.

Check out our pitch deck below!
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We're on a Journey

Using human-centric data to rewrite the future of work is a journey. It's a blend of human psychology, organizational behavior, data science, seamless UX, and AI-fueled tech.

Where we're starting is with a paired SaaS and service offering:

* Workshops for enterprises

* Paired with our MVP product

* Early Revenue + Training our AI Insights Engine

We've made a lot of progress, but that's just the start. We need your help to build a strong foundation for rapid growth. Here what we need:

PRE-SEED ROUND: $1.7M - $2.5M


The deck is right here, I promise. Just need a name and email please! Seriously, just put that in and this annoying form will disappear and you can download our Pitch Deck and an Investor's FAQ.

Check out our deck and fundraising FAQ. Please share, but also let us know with whom. And let's connect to dig in deeper.

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Let's Connect

The best way to learn more is to chat! Let's meet online or for a coffee if you're in Vancouver.

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Who is Crewjoy?

At Crewjoy we are helping teams to get better connected and discover ways to collaborate much more effectively. Teams are made up of unique and diverse humans, and we can only unlock the power of collaboration by understanding and celebrating these differences.

We are building a future of work that is AI-powered, and data-driven, but also more deeply human. We're building a future of work where your individual skills, stories, perspectives, preferences, and working styles are integrated into every business process you're a part of. And, radically, we believe that you should be in charge of this data. The future of work empowers real people.

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