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Hi friends, thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I'm Shiela, a wellness enthusiast who's all about spreading kindness and forging meaningful connections. My journey spans corporate training, operations, and relationship management with educational institutions and government agencies. I love to support the success of teams and individuals, whether through managing million-dollar portfolios or promoting fitness as a certified personal trainer.

I'm also the Community Manager at Crewjoy, and I'm eager to understand how you're cultivating thriving teams and what challenges you are encountering along the way. I'm genuinely interested in the obstacles you face when serving your teams and eager to offer assistance. Let's connect and create something awesome!

Team Engagement is hard!

Are you finding it challenging to foster an engaging and collaborative environment for your team? Are you looking to build a solid foundation for a changing or remote team? Are you asking yourself what more you can do to retain the very best performers on your team but you're all out of ideas?

I know you believe in valuing people and providing them with workplaces to thrive in, but many of them are stressed, isolated, and struggling with their mental health.

Building a deeply connected and engaged team that is collaborating in highly valuable ways is tough!

There are two ways I’d love to help:

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1. Beyond Teambuilding

We’re looking for innovators. People and company leaders who understand that the success of your business (your revenue, customer satisfaction, product quality, and retention) all depend on connected and engaged team members. We'd like to solve this with you through our Beyond Teambuilding program - a series of sessions with your team, paired with our AI-powered Beta product.

* Enhance connection and engagement

* Empower better results from collaboration

* Improve your retention

We are running a few pilot projects with leaders willing to take a new approach to putting people first. Please reach out if this is you. Limited Spots Available.

2. Let's Strategize

If you’re not ready yet to bring anything new to your team, I’d still love to connect with you. If there is any way that I can offer some insights into team culture, retention, how to build connection, and how your team can find ways to collaborate much more valuably, I’m game to connect. Let’s have a quick chat!

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Who is Crewjoy?

At Crewjoy we are helping teams to get better connected and discover ways to collaborate much more effectively. Teams are made up of unique and diverse humans, and we can only unlock the power of collaboration by understanding and celebrating these differences.

We are building a future of work that is AI-powered, and data-driven, but also more deeply human. We're building a future of work where your individual skills, stories, perspectives, preferences, and working styles are integrated into every business process you're a part of. And, radically, we believe that you should be in charge of this data. The future of work empowers real people.

Connect More. Work Better.