Equip your team for better, more joyful collaborative work.

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Working with people you hardly know is tough. Crewjoy helps you share the real you with your team — making collaborative work more meaningful and rewarding. Join our Launch List!

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Transform your work life

What if teamwork embraced your unique differences?

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Feeling disconnected

You are increasingly disconnected from your team and more meetings, video calls, and team-building activities are not helping.

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Painful collaboration

Your team doesn’t understand how to embrace your unique work styles, and new one-size-fits-all tools and processes make it worse.

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Disengaged teams

Disconnected people and painful processes lead to disengagement, low retention, and poor performance.

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Real human connection

Crewjoy increases true human connection by helping your team build empathy, understanding, and belonging.

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Joyful collaboration

Crewjoy helps your team discover and share better ways to collaborate, all geared towards the specific needs of real people.

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Thriving culture

When human needs are put first, your team can flourish. Crewjoy helps translate individual wins into culture shifts

"Better communication and collaboration
can increase productivity by 25-35%"

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Share the real you

Bring your unique story, personality, needs, and preferences to your team and learn about theirs. Strengthen connection with others while embracing your team's diversity.

Generate meaningful insights

Every group has unique blind spots as well as opportunities to establish unique rhythms of collaboration. Discover ways to work together that suit your team best.

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Shows up where you work

We’re all tired of new tools and apps. Part of your daily rhythms and workflows, Crewjoy shows up where and when you need it.

Own your own data

Trust and safety are key to a healthy culture. You decide how much to share, and who sees it. When you grow beyond one organization, your data goes with you.

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Tired of team building exercises and personality profiles that make a difference for a day? Our team of facilitators is ready to dive deep with you and your crew to unlock lasting change to your connection, collaboration, and culture.

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