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Frequently Asked Questions.

Crewjoy is building an AI-powered engine to change how real human connection and collaboration can happen at work. Moving beyond personality tests, psychometric profiles, and team-building days that don't add lasting value, Crewjoy uses human-centric data to bring forward unique insights that are embedded in daily workflows and tools.

Work is hard. With an increasing ability to get digitally connected with our remote and global teams at a surface level, deeper human connection is rapidly declining. And this has been repeatedly linked to declining mental health, team engagement, and performance.

Crewjoy is not where people document their KPIs, strategic plans, or task breakdowns. We have plenty of great tools for these things already and we don’t need another one. Crewjoy is not about documenting our work tasks, but rather it helps us determine how to do the work together.

Most professionals have gone through one (or many) team building days or workshops based around a specific profiling framework or personality test. But while traditional psychometric profiling in the workplace has added some value, it has failed to translate to a tech-enabled and human-focused future of work. We're taking a different approach. We're allowing you to bring a more holistic view of yourself to work, including personality, emotional intelligence, preferences, skills, and your story.

While it may sound like an oxymoron at first, our vision is to fully leverage AI to make our workplaces more human-centered. We have been experimenting and testing with generative AI since the beginning of our journey, and will use this tool to help create meaningful (and often unexpected) insights that improve human connection and improve how valuable collaboration can be.

At first users will provide data, building out a Crewjoy profile to share the important parts of who they are and how they work best. But over time, Crewjoy will gather more and more data by learning about each worker from their real time or asynchronous interactions.

Trust is the foundation of a healthy workplace and a high performing team. So why does almost every HR tool put your data outside of your own control? Crewjoy believes that individuals should own their own data, making their own decisions about how it should be leveraged.

Today, so many people decisions are made based on systemic and personal biases. When individuals are empowered to share data about themselves in a way that is safe and where they can own that data, new types of decision-making can become possible. With Crewjoy, people decisions can be made based on the actual best fit for roles, projects, and teams using human-centered data, rather than biases and favorites.

Intel on how to work and communicate better with your teammates needs to show up right when and where you need it. Not stuck in some employee manual or binder from your last teambuilding session. Crewjoy integrates human-centric data and AI-powered insights right into your workplace collaboration tools.

We have a big vision. We picture a future where humans can work from anywhere, while still growing deep connections with their teammates. A future where unique groups of diverse people can discover specific ways to unlock valuable collaboration together. A future where people are empowered to be transparent and authentic, while also enjoying all the benefits of trust and safety in their workplaces. And where deep, real-time insights for organizations to improve their culture and their performance are being surfaced while not compromising individual human agency and privacy.

Our belief is that a tech-only, or a facilitation-only approach stops short of creating daily change and impact on teams. We love to train and facilitate in real-time moments. But we also love to multiply that value by equipping your teams with a tool that makes a difference to every single workplace interaction.