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Bridging Generational and Cultural Gaps

Bridging Generational and Cultural Gaps

Mark Klassen

Different cultures and different generations each bring something different to the workplace. It can feel like a bunch of people all operating at different altitudes and positions, with communications being misinterpreted in every direction.

I was chatting with some leaders on a global team today, and they highlighted just how tricky navigating this can be:

  1. How do we acknowledge and "troubleshoot" the vastly different cultural and generational conditioning and norms that our diverse and global teams have?
  2. While extending deep empathy and avoiding unhelpful biases and stereotypes?
  3. While also acknowledging that we bring all of those things ourselves, without the ability to see their impacts?
  4. While also not seeing this as a problem that needs troubleshooting at all, but rather a huge opportunity to leverage different perspectives for mutual success?!

One can see why the default answer is actually to ignore this entirely.

But understanding the cultural and generational differences we bring to the workplace is crucial. It is deeply impactful to our individual sense of belonging on a team, the engagement of our teams, and the success of our businesses.

We build better products, serve our customers better, and execute on strategies better when we can leverage a wider variety of strengths and perspectives on our team. And it's often cultural and generational differences that are the center of this.

At Crewjoy we're building a future of work where your team, and the collaborative processes of your company, can all be shaped and influenced by the unique factors that you bring to work. Where your cultural and generational differences are the key to success rather than the blocker to progress.We're now delivering this process to global teams. Ping me to learn more!

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