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The Tailor-Made Revolution

The Tailor-Made Revolution

Mark Klassen

If we could weave an intricate and bespoke organization, full of workflows and business processes that matched the needs and strengths of the specific and diverse members who make up our teams.... we would.

But here's the problem: personalizing workflows for each individual and group doesn't scale. This is why we standardize.

As leaders, we need to empower teams to be able to consistently produce outcomes, even as team members come and go. This often leads to a lowest-common-denominator sort of approach that is highly repeatable... even if it misses the higher potential of a uniquely designed approach.

Because nobody has time to redesign a process to work better for a specific group of humans each time the people within it change.

But what if we had help?

This is part of what we're working on at Crewjoy. An AI-driven platform that learns about every individual on your team, helps them learn more about themselves, and helps those around them understand them better. This increases empathy, connection, and engagement across the team.

But we're going further than that. We're building an engine that will help to redesign entire business workflows based on the unique needs, styles, strengths, and perspectives of the humans within them. Even as those people change, join, move on, and grow.

What if we actually could treat our organizations like the living organisms that they are?

If you're interested in joining this journey with us, please reach out. We are working with early adopters and have space for a few more pilot projects!

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