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Peanut Butter & Soul

Peanut Butter & Soul

Mark Klassen

Have you had one of those conversations where things just seem to click? Where the other person just seems to be the peanut butter to your jam?

I had a number of those today, and while I'm always thinking about connection and cohesion in the workplace, it got me thinking further.

Why do some conversations just work, while others don't? And how can we make more of the former happen, more often?

There are lots of reasons that communication in the workplace can be great. Shared interests, natural rapport, good listening, empathy, high emotional intelligence, patience, clear vision, etc. The list is endless. But is there a common denominator?

I think so. I think that conversations that are good (you have a good experience, and they produce a desirable outcome) happen when they are human. Each of the reasons above could be said to boil down to this.

Good communication happens when all participants have the opportunity to show up authentically as a real human, and where that humanity is recognized, celebrated, and (importantly) integrated into an objective.

Poor communication happens when the humanity of the participants is lost.

Some food for thought as you spread PB&J on your next slice of toast? What do you think? Have you seen real humanness change the nature of collaboration and communication?

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