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The Office Wolfpack

The Office Wolfpack

Mark Klassen

Did you know that the idea of an "Alpha Wolf" is a complete myth?

Despite every movie and TV show you've ever seen including wolf or dog packs, there is no such thing in nature as an "Alpha". Wolves don't have power struggles and contests to see which animal is the strongest, and thus taking over the pack.

In fact, the researcher who first identified this concept (and has since then entirely disproved it) deeply regrets how sticky the concept has become. Despite it being entirely debunked, the idea of the alpha has stuck in public consciousness.

In nature, wolf packs are family units. The leaders of the pack are just... "Mom & Dad".

So where did the idea of the alpha come from? Well, partially from observing wolves in captivity. And groups of wolves in captivity are almost always random assortments of animals, coming from different places, thrust together into a single enclosure.

It's in the middle of this highly confusing situation (no pre-existing relationships) that the individuals start to display behavior that would never be observed in nature. Because the individuals don't know who to trust, what roles to play, what conventions exist for the group, and how to move forward together.

Now, read that last paragraph again, and think about your workplace! 😁

Our workplaces are assemblies of unique individuals from different backgrounds, often without pre-existing relationships. We're thrust together (sometimes in places that feel like an enclosure) and asked to immediately operate effectively. No wonder it can be a bewildering and disengaging experience.

But what if we could operate more like the wolf packs that nature intended? Where roles and responsibilities are clear, norms and expectations are clearly communicated and understood, trust is strong, and individuals are highly connected to the goals of the group?

The good news: this is highly possible! But it takes work, strategy, and the right tools to get there.At Crewjoy we're equipping teams to embody the close rapport and deeply connected relationships that the strongest wolf packs in nature exhibit. (I never thought I'd be making wolf metaphors to describe what we do 🤣 ).Ready for that sort of team? Let's chat.

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