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From Isolation to Connection

From Isolation to Connection

Mark Klassen

Does your job feel like you're completely alone? Isolated? Working alone on top of a cold mountain, with little oxygen to breathe perhaps?

The global workforce is increasing, and shockingly, disengaged. We are generating more and more isolated individuals, doing their work in ways that breeds loneliness, disconnection, and apathy.

And the tricky part about this is that it's not really about the volume of interactions with others. Many leaders and organizations have tried to solve this through activity. More all-hands meetings. Daily check-ins. Fun activities. Regular company updates on the intranet.

Don't get me wrong, all of these things can be helpful tools when used in the right ways.

But they don't cover up a culture of disconnection, and unempathetic collaboration. Research has resounding demonstrated that the quantity of meetings, facetime, and communications chatter doesn't correlate to high levels of engagement in the workplace.

What does? Individuals forming deeper, human connections with each other at work. Feeling known and understood. Believing that your opinions matter and will make a difference to how your work happens. High levels of emotional intelligence. Empathy. Workflows that respect your needs and preferences.

We need to stop trying to solve engagement through more activity. It's time to bring a much stronger human centricity to how we collaborate. It's what we're building at Crewjoy - an AI-driven platform and approach to create better collaboration at work, using human-centric data.

I've been encouraged to see leaders increasingly realize that the current approaches aren't connecting their teams well enough.

I'd love to know: how have you brough a deeper people-first approach to your team?

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