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Digital Detox Diaries

Digital Detox Diaries

Mark Klassen

This is NOT me.

I'm taking a nice family camping trip for a week, and I'll be leaving my laptop behind. I'll also be leaving my work brain behind, and all of the challenges and opportunities that fill it up at most other times.

This is a simple Out of Office notice... but more importantly a simple encouragement to take the breaks you need, and to make sure that they are truly healthy.

A vacation won't solve some of the big challenges around burnout and disengagement if the root causes aren't being addressed. But a "working vacation" can certainly make them worse! Or at least it can for me.

The email, message, strategy, or idea can wait. Whenever and however you take your moments to recharge (and those can look very different for different people), do it in a way that will lead to sustainable healthy engagement for you.

That's all. See you later...

* * *

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