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Rethinking the Return

Rethinking the Return

Mark Klassen

Bringing your team back to the office isn't going to automatically change anything.

📉 If engagement is low working from home, many of those patterns will continue.

📉 If project teams are not highly productive at home, that will likely continue at the office.

📉 If the customer service levels provided by your staff are not hitting standards at home, they may even get worse at the office....

... But none of this needs to be true. Whether your organization or team has decided to work remotely, in-office, or employ a hybrid scenario, you need to be thinking more deeply than location.

Working together, in-person DOES have the potential to increase engagement, productivity, and service levels. But only if you directly engage with the factors that were blocking this type of thriving.

There are many such factors, but at Crewjoy we're focused on the connection, engagement, and productivity that comes from teams of humans whose unique and diverse needs, styles, and, perspectives are embraced rather than shut down.

Any remote, in-person, or hybrid working arrangement that doesn't celebrate the differences that your team members bring won't lead to any lasting change!

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